CAIG F5S-H6 导电塑料推子和控制器的移动接触润滑剂 (1200 Applications)

- Applicator: Spray, provides flushing action, briefly flammable (until solvent evaporates within 2-3 minutes).

- Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® Fader (active ingredient), 75% odorless mineral spirits (carrier solvent), 20% propellant

- Use: Solvent is slower to evaporate, providing flushing action to remove surfaces dirt, grease and other contaminants. Is ideal for connectors and components removed from equipment or those that are easily accessible.

- Notes: Use when over spray not an issue. Formulation safe on plastics. Always recommend testing for compatibility, especially on critical/sensitive parts, and vintage equipment with aging ABS plastic(s). On rubber, may swell until solvent evaporates. For quick-dry, non-drip spray, we recommend Part No. FN5S-2N. Need more tactile feel, use the DeoxIT® Fader Grease after cleaning with DeoxIT® Fader F-Series.

- Metal and/or Plastic: Not sure if faders have plastic and/or metal components, we recommend using DeoxIT D-Series, Part No. D100S-2 (100% DeoxIT spray).


- Formulated for Conductive Plastics/Controls 

- Maintains Optimum Signal Quality

- Replenishes Lubrication Lost

- Maintains Tactile Feel

- Reduces Wear & Abrasion

- Temperature Range, -26 C (-15 F) to +150 C (302 F)

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