DaiHan ThermoStable™ ICS-20 二氧化碳摇动孵化器 (45℃,10% CO2)

Capacity(Lit): 20 Lit Working Chamber

Temp. Range: 4~45°C, 0.1°C; Digital PID Control

Temp. Accuracy: ±0.2°C (No Load)

Temp. Uniformity: ±0.2°C (at 37°C)

CO2 Range & Control: 0~10%, 0.1%; NDIR CO2 Sensor

Cooling/Heating: Peltier Element Module

Air Flow-type: Gravity Flow Circulation

1 Shelf and 3 Location Brackets: 1 Perforated ABS Shelf(w210 x d230 x Thick 8mm) included Adjustable Shelf Location Height of 3-Stage

Condensate Drain: Natural Evaporation

Incubator Material: "ABS-Resin" Chamber & Housing, Except Shaking Base

Incubator Dimension:

+ Interior: w213 x d265 x h360mm Chamber Only

+ Exterior: w280 x d330 x h670mm

Shaking base:

+ Motion & Speed: Orbital, 10~300rpm, 8mm Stroke

+ Controller & Display: Programmable Digital Feedback, LCD

+ Timer & Alarm: 99hr 59min with Continuous Run, Error Status & Time-end

+ Motor & Max-Load: Brushless DC Motor, Max-Load 10kg 

+ Safety Circuit: Overload Protector of Motor

+ Material: Powder Coated Steel Body

+ Size & Weight (kg): w260 x d330 x h140mm, 14 kg

Gross Weight (kg): 10 kg + 14 kg Shaking Base= 24 kg

Power Consumption: 56 W + 40 W(Shaking)

Electric Reqts: Free Voltage; 1 Phase, AC90-240V, 50/60 Hz

Optional CO2 Gas Cylinder & Regulatory

DH.Cyl7003 (1) CO2 Gas Cylinder, Φ135 x h440mm, 10kg

H11.825.10MC (2) Regulator, Single-Stage, 0.6Mpa, CO2

Spare Shelf:

DH.Inc0003 Perforated Shelf, ABS, 210 x 230mm



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