DOLANG DLIM-201 自动纯化水生产培训系统

Environmental conditions:

Working environment temperature: -10 °C ~ +45 °C; maximum monthly average relative humidity: ≤ 90%; maximum daily average relative humidity: ≤ 95%; altitude: not more than 2000 meters;

working environment conditions: no conductive Particulate dust, non-corrosive metals and chemical substances that damage insulation should be used in locations that are protected from rain, snow, wind and sand, and are not allowed to be filled with water vapor or have serious molds.

Training projects-Section 1: filling production and process control devices

1. PLC hardware recognition, PLC switching quantity, analog quantity, pulse control program writing debugging and networking communication;

2. Recognition, installation and application of various water treatment equipment;

3. Electrical drive applications;

4. Recognition, installation, wiring, debugging and application of various sensors

5. The understanding, wiring of the industrial control network, and networking program editing and debugging;

6. Process control system understanding, programming and debugging applications;

7. Process operation and monitoring system management;

10. Select, deploy and control process joints, piping design and installation processes, etc.

Training projects-Section 2: logistics palletizing training devices

1. Palletizing robot programming operation

2. Palletizing robot position control test

3. Palletizing robot precision adjustment

4. Palletizing robot offline simulation

5. Palletizing robot offline programming

6. Cargo transmission speed control operation

7. Cargo transmission process programming and operation

Training projects-Section 3: 3D storage training devices

1. Handling robot programming operations

2. Handling robot position control test

3. Handling robot precision adjustment

4. Handling robot offline simulation

5. Handling robot offline programming

6. Laneway robot programming operation

7. Laneway robot position control test

8. Laneway robot Precision adjustment

9. Laneway robot offline simulation

10. Laneway robot offline programming

11. Cargo handling process programming and operation

12. Cargo storage process programming and operation

13. Logistics warehousing system programming and operation



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