DOLANG DLRB-801 灵活生产系统

● Input power: three-phase,four-wire 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Leakage protection: I △ n ≤ 30mA, t ≤ 0.1S

● Control power supply: DC24V

Accident emergency off button, power supply indicators, power on indicator, protection against wrong power on.

● Working environment: Temperature -10℃~ +40℃ Relative humidity 35% ~ 65% (25℃ ) Elevation < 4000M

● Capacity: ≤ 5kVA

● Pneumatic source pressure range: 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

● Total dimension: 7500 X 5000 X 2000mm

● Table height: 750mm



● DLRB-801 flexible manufacturing system has processing equipment like robot, CNC lathe, CNC machining center, and a series of hardware and software like: robot slide guide rail, conveyor belt, smart cameras, servers, control software and service software. System uses advanced control strategies and service software, which integrate hardware to achieve the intelligent communication and collaboration of people, machined parts and machine.Truly achieve the industrial 4.0 which featured as Internet of things, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies etc.

● The system is divided into eight working units(workstation) : CNC lathe unit, CNC milling unit, Mitsubishi robot unit, material storage unit, manipulator assembly unit, visual inspection unit, RFID radio frequency detection unit, circular conveyor unit.

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