● Working power supply: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Total dimension: 1460×800×1700mm

● Output power: AC 220V safety terminal output

● Capacity: < 5KVA

● Safety protection: Leakage protection (action current≤ 30mA)

   Overcurrent protection: overload fuse protection

■ Optional (system)

● Siemens system          

● Fanuc system

● HCNC                          

● GSK system



● The CNC trainer adopts GSK CNC lathe machine system, X axis, Z axis are driven by AC servo motors, spindle motor is driven by frequency control

● This device organically combines the machine's electrical parts with mechanical parts, it displays all the movements of all the machine. And it is able to complete a number of teaching trainings like CNC system installation, parameter setting, fault diagnosis and repair, assembly debugging CNC lathes, CNC programming and machining operations.

● Electrical control circuit include short circuit protection, overload protection, short circuit protection of all circuits

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