EVERFINE ATA-1000 紫外LED自动温控光电分析测量系统 (350-1000nm, 1lm~2000lm)

Detector: TE-cooled CCD;

CCD refrigeration temperature: -10℃; Stability: ±0.05℃;

CCD pixel: 1024x128(Allow Binning mode)

Grating: Holographic grating with flat field correction

Optical input: Fiber optics

Wavelength band: 350-1000nm

Spectral resolution: 3.0nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.3nm

Measurement range of luminous flux: 1lm~2000lm

Power output range: DC, or as required

The max. power of LED: 20W

The max. size of  LED: Diameter 50mm



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