EVERFINE GO-NR1000 NEAR-FIELD GONIOPOTOMETER (1mcd/m2, 2kcd/m2, 200kcd/m2, 20000kcd/m2)

●  Rotating range of horizontal axis(γ axis):-118°~+118°

●  Rotating range of vertical axis(C axis):0°~360°

●  Angle accuracy of rotation:±0.1°

●  Size of emitting area of test source:0.5mm-30mm(Or customized)

●  Accuracy of image luminance meter: CLASSS 1

●  Luminance measurement repeatability:±1%

●  Measurement range of luminance:1mcd/m2~2kcd/m2~200kcd/m2~20000kcd/m2



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