GYS EASYCUT K25 等离子切割机 (1ph; 230V; 10-25A)

The EASYCUT K25 plasma cutter, without high-frequency (HF) ignition,cuts easily through all types of metal up to 8 mm thick. Its built-in compressor makes it ideal for a outdoor or remote working where only an electricity supply is available.

Built-in air compressor

In situations where the welder does not have access to compressed air, the EASYCUT K25 is a perfect solution for enabling outdoor work with its built-in compressor.

Quality cutting without distortion

The use of plasma ensures high-quality cuts even on painted structures:

 - up to 8 mm for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

 - up to 6 mm for aluminium and copper.

No HF Start

Featuring the «Pilot Arc» system, the arc is initiated without having to touch the workpiece. This non-HF ignition system avoids all electromagnetic interference (from radios, computers, telephones or from medical equipment, etc.).

Easy, quick and safe to use

- The TPT25 torch (4 m) is equipped with a trigger safety device to prevent accidental or unintentional activation. 

- Detachable torch and earth clamp allowing for easy transport.

- Built-in compressor (sound level: 60/70 dB).

- Duty cycle of 25 A @ 35%.

- P400: Enhanced protection for working with power generators and against permanent overvoltage up to 400 V.


Power supply: 230 V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz

Fuse: 16 A

Normal current output: 10-25 A

Duty cycle (@ environment temp. 40°C)

    Imax: 25 A@35%

    @ 60%: 15 A / 86 V 

Built-in compressor (noise level): 60 -70 dB

No-load voltage: 429 V 

Protection class: IP 21S 

Power generator: > 6 kW 

Dimensions (L x l x h): 41 x 20 x 36 cm 

Weight: 15 kg 

Standard IEC 60974-1/10 A

Equipped torch: TPT 25

Included accessories: Torch TOPARC TPT 25, 4 m + Earth cable 2 m




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