Hoyamo AC-200YZ Automatic Precision Cutter

Y Feed: Automatic

Z Feed: Automatic

X Feed: manual

Cutting mode: Continuous, Pulse

Blade(mm): 200*12.7*0.8

Blade speed (rpm): 500-3000

Table Dimensions (WxD,mm): 235*220

X Travel: 40mm

Cooling: Automatic/manual

Main Motor: 1.2KW

Power: 110/220V AC, 50-60Hz, 1 Phase

Standard Accessories:

  • Alumina Blade

  • Fast Cam Locking Vises

  • Plastic tank


  • Diamond Blade

  • SiC blade

  • Vertical Clamping vise

  • Laser alignment aid

  • Plastic tank with magnetic filter

  • Cutting fluid

  • Centrifugal separator

  • Base Bench



● Powerful motor to reduce cutting time and provide high productivity

● Smart feed. The machine can adjust the feed speed in real time with the load changes

● Cutting modes: Y-continuous, Y-pulse, Z-continuous, Z-pulse, slicing (different model, different cutting mode)

● Versatile industrial joystick with X, Y, Z axis. Easy to use.

● 8 inch color touchscreen for simple operation and user friendliness

● Electrical brake for faster stopping of the blade

● Chamber illumination with LED

● Aluminum casting base, powder coated

● T-slot Table made of stainless and aluminum alloy

●Fast Cam Locking Vises, made of 304 stainless steel

● Left cover made of composites by integral molding

● Mobile plastic recirculation coolant tank

● Independent pump for cleaning the chamber

● Optional laser alignment aid

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