Hoyamo HQG-200 Manual Fast Cutting Machine (100rpm-2000rpm)

Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Power: 250W

Spindle speed: 100rpm-2000rpm

Maximum depth of cutting depth: 47mm

Saw blade: Ø200mm×Ø25.4mm, Ø205mm×Ø32mm

Clamp jaw size: 54mm×40mm

Worktable size: 500mm×380mm        

Size: 550mm×440mm×225mm; weight: 13kg

Standard Accessories:

1 cutting ruler

Saw blade protective cover 1

Edge sintered diamond saw blade (Ø200×Ø25.4×1.0mm) 1 piece

5 pieces of silicon carbide saw blades (Ø205×Ø32×1.2mm)

5 corundum saw blades (Ø205×Ø32×1.2mm)

Optional Accessories: geological slice cutting fixture


Production Feature:

HQG-200 manual fast cutting machine is suitable for rough machining of various crystal, ceramic, glass, rock and metallographic samples. It can use diamond saw blades, electroplated diamond saw blades and resin saw blades.

Installation Conditions: This equipment is required to be used at an altitude of less than 1000m, a temperature of 25℃±15℃, and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

1. Water: The equipment is equipped with a self-circulating water tank (filled with pure water or deionized water)

2. Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must be well grounded

3. Gas: None

4. Workbench: size 600mm×600mm×700mm, bearing more than 50kg

5. Ventilation device: required

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