Hoyamo HQG-30 Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine (30mm)

Maximum cutting diameter: 30mm

Grinding wheel specifications: 250×2×32mm

Rotation speed: 2800r/min

Dimensions: 650×450×400mm

Net weight: 60Kg

Motor: Y802-2, 1.1KW, 3-phase 220/380V, 50HZ


It uses a high-speed rotating sheet grinding wheel to intercept metallographic samples. It is widely used in metallographic laboratories to cut various metal materials. Because the machine is equipped with a cooling device to take away the heat generated during cutting, it prevents the sample from changing its metallographic structure when heated. This cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal materials. It can also cut non-metallic materials such as plastics and hoses.

The cutting wheel of this cutting machine is directly fixed on the shaft of the motor, and the swing of the saw frame is used to cut the sample fixed in the jaws. The motor is fixed on the base, the shaft sleeve is sleeved on the shaft of the motor, and the grinding wheel is fixed by nuts and clamps. The bracket fixed in front of the motor is equipped with a saw frame that can rotate around the horizontal axis. The rotation of the handle moves the jaws to clamp the sample in the clamp seat. When the saw frame is rotated, the sample can be cut. The cooling system can manually control the flow with the knob fixed on the cock, and the cooling liquid is discharged from the rubber tube fixed on the back of the base. When the machine is working, the grinding wheel is blocked by the cover to prevent the coolant from splashing and the grinding wheel is broken and flying out and hurting people

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