Hoyamo HXQ-1 Metallographic Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine (0.08MPa)

  • 制造商:Hoyamo
    Model: HXQ-1
    来源: China
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Vacuum degree: -0.08MPa

Rotating plate: Φ205mm

Standard accessories:

Rotating disc 1

Inlet pipe 10

No oil pump 1

Inlay mold 6

Material cup 5

Stirring rod 5


HXQ-1 vacuum cold mounting machine is mainly used for cold mounting of various samples, especially circuit boards and materials with micro-holes. In the industry, it can also be used with dyeing agents to check various defects. The principle of this machine is to suck air out of the pores, and then press the inlay or dye into the micro pores by the action of atmospheric pressure.

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