Hoyamo HXQ-2 Automatic Sample Mounting Machine (φ25mm~φ50mm)

Mold specifications: φ25mmφ30mmφ40mmφ50mm

Power supply: 220V 50HZ

Maximum power consumption: 1600W

System pressure setting range: 0~2MPa

(Corresponding sample preparation pressure range: 0~72MPa)

Temperature setting range: 0~300℃

Setting range of holding time: 0~99 minutes and 99 seconds

Dimensions: 615×510×500mm

Weight: 110KG

Cooling method: water cooling


Production Feature:

The sample mounting machine is used to inlay those samples with unsuitable shapes or sizes in order to meet the subsequent sample preparation steps and obtain the required inspection plane; or to protect the edges or prevent surface defects caused by the preparation process. In modern metallographic laboratories, semi-automatic or automatic grinding/polishing machines that are widely used have specifications for sample size. In order to meet this requirement, the sample must be inlaid. Therefore, the mounting machine has become one of the necessary equipment in the metallographic laboratory.

This machine is a fully automatic metallographic sample mounting machine, with the function of cooling in and out of water, and is suitable for hot mounting of all materials (thermosetting and thermoplastic). After setting the heating temperature, heat preservation time, force and other inlay parameters, put in the sample and inlay material, cover the gland, and press the work button to automatically complete the inlay work without the operator being on duty by the machine. It can choose to replace 4 kinds of molds according to different required samples, and can also press two samples at the same time, which doubles the preparation capacity.

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