Hoyamo MHB-3000 Movable Brinell Durometer (8~650HBW)

Testing Force: 3000kg (500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, and 1500kg available)

Indenter: Ф10mm carbide ball indenter (Ф 5mm available)

Testing Range: 8~650HBW (Expendable to 28-650HBW)

Max. Specimen Height: 320mm

Throat Depth: 100mm


Hardness Range: HBW≤ 250; 250<HBW≤450; HBW>450

Permissible Error: ≤± 3%; ± 2.5%; ± 2.0%


Hardness Range: BW≤ 250; 250<HBW≤450; HBW>450

Permissible Repeatability: ≤ 3.0  %; ≤ 2.5 %; ≤ 2.0%  

Net Weight: 13.8kg

Standard Delivery:

  • Instrument Main Body

  • Hardness Block HBW/3000/10

  • Hardness Block HBW/750/05

  • Ф10mm Spare Carbide Ball Indenter

  • Hexagon Wrench

  • V-shaped Anvil

  • 20X Measuring Microscope

  • Instrument Manual

  • Flat Anvil

  • Hemispherical Anvil

  • Brinell Hardness Table

  • Qualified Certificate


MHB-3000 is a movable Brinell hardness tester. It adopts hydraulic principle and applies 3000Kgf test force by hand operation. The key part of MHB-3000 is a hydraulic system in which a release valve is used to control the test force. When the test force rises 3000kgf, the release valve will open and pressure will fall down, and it needs to apply the test force repeatedly 3-4 times to make the needle of the pressure gauge point to 3000kgf for 3-4 times. Thus, it is equivalent to the test condition of Brinell hardness testing method to hold 3000kgf test force with 10mm ball.

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