HST GBW-60B 电脑控制电液自动变形测试器 (Max.100mm, 60kN)

Specimen thickness: Standard 0.1-2mm,( Non-Standard 0.1-3mm)

Max. Specimen Width: 100mm

Max. Punch stroke: 60mm

Clamping piston stroke: 19-21mm

Max. Cupping Force: 60kN

Max. Clamping Force: 25kN

Test mold specifications (Standard): Punch diameter:Φ20±0.05mm,cushion mold hole diameter : Φ33±0.1mm

Fixed mold hole diameter: Φ27±0.05mm

Standard press mold hole diameter : Φ27±0.05mm; ( Non-Standard )

Test mold specifications (Non-Standard): Punch diameter : Φ15±0.05mm , Φ8±0.02mm, Φ3±0.02mm

Press mold hole diameter : Φ18±0.1mm, Φ10±0.1mm ,Φ3.5±0.1mm

Fixed mold hole diameter : Φ21±0.02mm ,Φ11±0.02mm , Φ5±0.02mm

Display resolution: 0.01mm




The Cupping testing Machine ( Erichsen Tester ) is precise technology testing machine which is used for sheet metal &  strip steel rolled stock etc. It can complete test of plastic deformation for sheet metal & strip steel rolled stock .

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