Kasuga KSD-0110 SP-WATCH 静电电位监测设备

Display ranges: 
    KS-2001  0~±20.0kV/0~±50.0kV
    KS-2001A 0~±20.0kV
    KS-2100  0~±2000V/0~±20.0kV
Measurement precision:±10% of Reading
Number of channels:2 (at maximum)
Measurement cycles:100ms、500ms、1000ms(1s)
Analog output:    
    Voltage: 0 to ± 200 mV / 0 to ± 500 mV (when the 50 kV range is selected)
    Current: 4 mA to 20 mA
Number of alarm settings:Up to two settings on each channel
    (The preset value depends on the measurement range setting on each channel.)
Alarm records:The last 10 alarms displayed on the alarm summary screen (cleared once the power is turned off)
Alarm output:Relay contact output at the occurrence of an alarm (individual settings and channels are independent)
Monitor signal during : setting    Relay contact output during setting (output produced during the RUN indication)
Sensor error signal: Relay contact output during the output of a sensor error signal (for the KS-2100 only)
External measurement control signal: Measurement enabled or disabled by dry contact signal control from outside
Relay for control output: Contact capacity: 250 V AC and 5 A / 30 V DC and 5 A, Output type 1a
Display functions: A 4.3-inch TFT liquid crystal panel with touchscreen functions
Display languages: Japanese, English and Chinese (simplified or traditional)
Storage functions:Supported media: SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB (Class 10 recommended), FAT32
    Data format: .csv (one file to be added for each of the six time slots into which 24 hours are divided)
Power supply: 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 15 VA (at maximum)
Grounding Dust:    Type A grounding
    0.1 mg or less per m3 (free of conductive dust)
Place of use Safe indoor spaces
Mass:    Approx. 3.0 kg (excluding the sensor and the safety barrier)

The SP-WATCH® (KSD-0110) is electrostatic potential monitoring equipment. With an interface for connecting our sensor KS-2001, KS-2001A or KS-2100, it performs real-time static electricity measurement.
It monitors static electricity and features easy operation on the touchscreen panel and a screen display. It produces multiple control outputs to report the measured conditions and to enable management. Compatible with an SD card, it collects the measured data and alarm records with time stamps.A combination of the compatible sensors KS-2001 and KS-2001A with the KS-300A safety barrier conforms to the intrinsic safety and explosion-proof standards. They may be used in hazardous environments at explosion class 2 and ignition group G4 (i2G4).


  • It may be connected with sensors for a maximum of two channels. It displays the values measured on both channels on a real-time basis and records data.
  • Incorporating a high visibility full-color touchscreen panel, it provides ease of recognizing the current conditions and enables intuitive operation.
  • Equipped with an SD card slot, it records the measured data on a separately available SD card. It facilitates data processing using computers.
  • When used with the KS-2100 sensor, it immediately indicates the failure of the sensor on the screen. It facilitates the recognition of a sensor error and produces a control output to an external system.
  • The KS-2001A air purge sensor applies internal pressure inside the sensor by supplying air to prevent the intrusion of powder or paint mist into it. It paves the way for high durability in static electricity measurement and monitoring in environments where static electricity measurement was previously impossible.
  • A combination of the KS-2001 or KS-2001A sensor with the KS-300A safety barrier may be used in hazardous areas (explosion-proof areas).
  • With the ability to select between Japanese, English and Chinese as the display language, it provides reassurance in overseas use.

Examples of screen displays


Examples of screen displays

Examples of use

Examples of use


For installation in an ordinary environment


For installation in a hazardous (explosion-proof) area


Notes on use in hazardous (explosion-proof) areas

To use the KS-2001 or KS-2001A sensor in any hazardous (explosion-proof) area, the KS-300A safety barrier is required. As the combination of the sensor with the safety barrier has been certified to conform to the explosion-proof standards, combined use is definitely required.

Explosion-proof structure: Intrinsic safety and explosion proof structure i2G4
Model approval number: T55782

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