Koehler K13150 Automatic Saybolt and ASTM Colorimeter

ASTM Color: For the visual determination of the color of a wide variety of petroleum products, such as lubricating oils, heating oils, diesel fuel oils, and petroleum waxes.

Saybolt Color: Determines the color of refined oils such as undyed motor and aviation gasoline, jet propulsion fuels, naphthas and kerosine, and, in addition, petroleum waxes and pharmaceutical white oils.


- Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D156, D1500, D6045, E308; ISO 2049; IP 17 Method B; NF M 07-003, NF M 60-104; JIS K 2580

- Measuring principal: 16 Interference filters

- Spectral response: 420-710nm

- Bandwidth: 20nm

- Repeatability: chromaticity (x y): ± 0.0002

                         transmittance: ±0.25%

                         Saybolt values: ±1

- Measurement time: less than 25 seconds

- Calibration: Single key press; fully automated

- Light Source: 5 Volt, 10 Watt tungsten halogen lamp (lensended)

- Interface: Parallel printer port, RS 232 port

- Input voltage: Universal, via external power supply

- Display: 2 x 40-charcter, back lit LCD

- Keypad: 21-key membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback

- Instructions: 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

Electrical requirements: 115-240V 50/60Hz


- wxdxh,in.(cm): 20 ¼ x 7 ¾ x 6 ¾ (51.5x19.5x17.0)

- Net weight: 17.1 lbs (7.75kg)

Included accessories

- 100mm optical glass cell

- 33mm optical glass cell

- Calibrated glass conformance filter

- Spare lamp

- Operation manual




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