Koehler K45859 Loss on Heat / Thin Film Oven (~180°C)

Determines the effect on asphaltic materials of heating in an oven under prescribed conditions.


- Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D6, D1754; Specification E145, Type 1B; AASHTO T47, T179, BS2000

- Temperature range: to 356°F (180°C)

- Pre-set at: 163°C ± 1°C

Electrical requirements: 220V 50Hz


- Diaxh,in.(cm) 

+ Internal chamber dimension: 38cm(H) x 52cm(W) x 46cm(D)

+ External dimension: 57cm(H) x 87cm(W) x 63cm(D) (External Dimension does not include motor or handle)

- Net weight: 151 lbs (68.5kg) 

Shipping information

- Shipping weight: 319 lbs (144.7kg)

- Dimensions: 41x35x38 in. (104.1x88.9x96.5cm)

Additional accessories

- 388-001-003 Sample Container for ASTM D6 9

- K17000 Thin Film Oven Pan, aluminum for D1754 4

- K17090 Thin Film Oven Pan, stainless steel for D1754




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