KOPPACE KP-4K2000 Electron Microscope (33X-240X)

Optical Enlargement: 33X-240X

Zoom lens: 0.7X-5X Continuous Zoom Objective

Optical ratio: 0.392X-2.8X

Working Distance: 100mm

Auxiliary lens: 1.4X/100mm

Focusing bracket: Focusing handwheel tightness is adjustable, lifting range 50mm

Pillar aperture: 25mm

Column length: 310mm

Lens aperture: 50mm

Base Plate size: 220X200X20mm

Light source: Internal diameter size 64mm, diameter size 94mm, input voltage AC90—240V, maximum output power 4.5W, voltage 12V0.5A

Resolution: 3840X2160, 7680X4320

Camera and video resolution: 3840X2160


0.7X-4.5X zoom lens *1 

LED light source *1

Light source control box *1

Column and bottom plate *1

Focusing frame *1

8.3 million pixel 4K microscope camera *1

HDMI HD cable *1

Camera power adapter *1

Calibration scale *1

Gigabit network cable *1



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