KV Tester ZC-212变压器油中的水分分析仪

Range 100mg ~ 0ug (10ug ~ 100ug)

Threshold 0.1ug

Accuracy 100ug + 3UG, 500ug + 3% (no error, environmental humidity

Test sample type solid, liquid, gas

Display formula 64K color high definition touch monitor

Data storage 1000 test records

Dynamic curve text display

Stir mixing speed sliding touch panel speed control

Time period ten years of normal operation of power down time

Printer micro thermal printer, paper width 56mm

Power source 220V 10V + AC, 50Hz + 2.5Hz

Work rate 50VA

Using ambient temperature 5℃~ 35℃

Humidity less than 85%

Size 260mm X 220mm X 330mm (length x width x height).

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