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Test force: 0.3Kgf (2.94N), 0.5Kgf (4.90N), 1.0 Kgf(9.8N), 2.0Kgf(19.6N), 2.5Kgf(24.5N), 3.0Kgf(29.4N), 5.0Kgf(49.0N), 10.0Kgf(98.0N)

Execution standard: GBT4340.1, GBT4340.2, ASTM_E92

Conversion of hardness value: According to GB1172-99 and ASTM standards

Accuracy: JJG260-91, JIS B 7725, JIS B 7734, GB/ T3430.2-99, ASTM E-384, ISO 6507-2, ISO4546

Loading way: Automatically load/hold/unload

Automatic turret system: Automatic, manual. Object - indenter - objective switch rotation automatically. The automatic turret provides a quick and simple sequence of operations without the need to manually rotate the tower to achieve automatic switching of the objective and indenter. The center of the objective lens and the center of the indenter have high precision and the error is less than 1 micron, which ensures the accurate pressure positioning of the sample and the center position of the objective lens can be adjusted

Minimum test unit: 0.01 mu m

Data output: LCD display readout, save to U disk in Excel format directly

Conversion scale: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRF, HV, HK, HBW, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T

Hardness test range: 8~2900HV

Test force application method: Automatic (loading, holding, unloading)

Measurement of the eyepiece: Electronic 10x (15X optional)

objective: Any three objective lenses in 5X, 10X, 20X, or 40X

Total magnification: 50X, 100X, 200X, 400X

Load holding time of test force: 1~99s

Maximum permissible specimen height: 180mm

Distance from center of indenter to outer wall: 160mm

size: 580*190*700mm

Weight: About 55 kg

Power: AC220V ± 5%, 50 to 60 hz


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