Hardness tester: 

Test force: 10gf (0.098N)、25gf (0.245N)、50gf (0.49N)、100gf (0.98N)、 200gf (1.96N)、300gf (2.94N)、500gf(4.9N)、1kgf (9.8N)

Carried standard: GB/T4340,ASTM E92

Minimum test unit: 0.01µm

Conversion scales: HRA、HRB、HRC、HRD、HRF、HV、HK、HBW、HR15N、HR30N、HR45N、HR15T、HR30T、HR45T

Hardness measurement range: 8~2900HV

Loading method: Automatic (loading、dwell、unloading)

Turret: Automatic

Measurement eyepiece: 10X

Magnification of objectives: 10X(measurement)、40X(measurement)(20X optional)

Dwell time: 0~99s

Maximum height of specimen: 100mm

Distance from the center to the outer wall of the indenter: 110mm

Data output: LCD display

Data storage: Data stored as EXCEL in the U disk

Power supply: AC220V+5%,50-60Hz


Camera: 1.3 million pixels

Motor: Stepping motor

Automatic sample station movement: The software can change the speed flexibly by moving up the x-y axis.Click any point in the interface to select the point automatically, set the starting position of the straight line and the randomly moving position, and control the arbitrary movement in 8 directions of the automatic x-y displacement platform carrier by selecting the mouse, and adjust the speed and reset automatically.

Size: 100 × 100mm

Max. Movement distance: 25*25mm in the X-Y direction

Min. Movement distance: 1mm

Movement speed: 1-10mm/sec,adjustable

Repeated displacement accuracy: Within 4um

Mode setting: The software system can control the automatic carrier platform for programming movement:

1)measurement mode(Random A)Use this mode to load and read an arbitrary point.

2)Horizontal (X-axis direction), vertical (Y-axis direction) load and read

3)Measurement mode(Line Set A)Use this mode to press and read and surface in an angular direction (zigzag movement, that is, broken line movement of the depth measurement of the hardened layer)

4)measurement (Line Set B) Use this mode for regular intervals of loading and reading.

5)Track coordinate movement and other mobile programming methods

Measurement process: Measure one by one after all loads, while loading and measuring at the same time

Indentation measurement method: Automatic /manual

Automatic measuring time: About 0.3sec/1 indentation

Hardness value correction: It can corrected according to the standard hardness or length scale

Data output: The test report can be customized according to user requirements. Through data processing software, the depth of hardened layer formed after continuous measurement of the sample can be displayed in tabular form. It can easily output various measurement data, hardness value table, hardened layer depth, maximum value, average value, minimum value, etc

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