LS LSLV0450S100-4CONDS 变频器(3相,380~480VAC)

  • 制造商: LS
    Model: LSLV0450S100-4CONDS
    来源: Korea
    保障: 12 month
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  • USD 1,645.89

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Manufacturer: LS

Model: LSLV0450S100-4CONDS

Origin: Korea

Warranty: 12 months

Output rating (HD): 91A

Output rating (ND): 107A

Control method: V / f, slip compensation, non-sensor vector

Application: Pump, fan, conveyor,etc

Input voltage: 380-480VAC (-15%~+10%)

Input number of phases: 3 phases

Output rating (HD): 69.4kVA

Output rating (ND): 81.5kVA

Input frequency: 50~60Hz(±5%)

Protective degree: IP20

Weight: 34.4kg

Output voltage: 380-480V

Output number of phases: 3 phases

Motor capacity (HD): 45kW/60hp

Motor capacity (ND): 55kW/75hp

Keypad: LCD

EMC filter: No

Reactor: Built-in DCL

I/O: Standard (5mm)

Input rating (HD): 85A

Input rating (ND): 100A

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