MMF VM40B 工控系统模块 振动表(0.1 - 2400m / s,0.01 - 15 m /s²;短信报警,3%)

  • 制造商: MMF
    Model: VM40B
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Model: VM40B
Manufacture: MMF
Warranty: 12 months
Made in Germany

These instruments contain all components for triaxial measurement
and monitoring of vibrations. Main application is the
measurement of structural vibration at buildings, bridges, towers,
pipelines and other large structures. Such vibrations can be
evaluated with regard to possible damages to the structure itself
or to disturbance of persons inside buildings. The VM40 was
designed for autonomous operation over longer time intervals,
for example at construction sites.
• Measures building vibration to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385 and SN 640312a
• Integral triaxial accelerometer with high sensitivity
• Large LCD for vibration values, main frequency and spectral graphics
• Main frequency detection by FFT
• Fail-safe user guidance
• Time and event triggered data logger for several ten thousand
• SMS tranmission of measurements with time stamp at alarm
events via built-in GSM modem
• Relay output for external alarm devices, eg. light signals
• USB interface for transmission of stored measurements to the
optionally available PC software
• Built-in rechargeable battery with long operating time
• Robust and waterproof aluminum case
• Tripod floor plate with exchangeable feet as accessory

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Option: Tripod floor plate VM40-BP, headset adapter VM40-HS

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