NOVOTEST MF-1M 磁力计 (±100G~±3000G)

The measurement range depends on the probe, G:

– PH-100: ± 100G

– PH-1000: ± 1000G

– PH-3000: ± 3000G

Measurement accuracy of the probes:

– PH-100: ±(1G+5%)

– PH-1000: ±(2G+5%)

– PH-3000: ±(5G+5%)

Scales: Ampere/Centimeter (A/cm); Gauss (Gs); Tesla (mT)

Response time, no more, s: 1

Overall dimensions, mm: 120x75x36

Operating temperature, °C: -20 to +40

Power supply: 2pcs AA batteries

Weight of electronic unit with batteries, kg, no more: 0.25



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