NOVOTEST TB-SR-C 数字式表面洛氏硬度计 (15~45kgf)

Initial testing force: 3kgf (29.42N)

Hardness resolution: 0.5HR

Dwell time : 2-60s

Data output: Inside printer, RS232 data port

Exchange scales: Rockwell, superficial Rockwell

Testing force: 15kgf(147.1N); 30kgf(294.2N); 45kgf(441.3N)

Rockwell scale: HR15N; HR30N; HR45N; HR15T; HR30T; HR45T

Testing range: HR15N:70-94; HR30N:42-86; HR45N:20-77; HR15T:67-93; HR30T:29-82; HR45T:10-72

Display mode: LCD digital screen

Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz

Carried standard: ISO 6508-2; ASTM E18

Max height of specimens: 200 mm (can be produced up to 400 mm)

Max depth of specimens: 135 mm

Dimension (cm): 61*40*80 (L*W*H)

Packing weight: 70KG

Standard package:

     Diamond Rockwell indenter

     Standard superficial Rockwell block 4pc.: 88-92 HR15N; 74-82 HR30N; 42-55 HR30N; 70-82 HR30T

     Weight(A, B, C) (1pc. of each)

     Dia.1/16’’ ball indenter

     Big, medium and V shaped testing platform (1pc. of each)

     Dustproof cover

     User’s manual book

     Quality certificate

     Printer manual book

Available options: Indenters; Standard hardness test blocks; Other types of Rockwell scales



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