PULLMAN PMA450C 工业地毯吹干器

Combined floor scrubber with 03 functions including scrubbing, vacuuming, and water absorption. The body is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic, durable to all weather and surroundings. Contains independent liquid and dirty water tanks. Use for factories, hospitals, airports, ...

The machine has an automatic relay water sensor system for maximum protection for the engine.

Techinical Specification:

- Voltage / Frequency: 220-230VAC/50Hz

- Water sucker: 770mm

- Brush diameter: 550mm

- Roling brush motor: 220-230V/1000W

- Water sucking motor: 220-230V/1100W

- Brush rotation speed: 168 rpm/min

- Cleaning width: 455mm

- Brush pressures: 30kg

- Clean water tank capacity: 27.8L

- Dirty water tank capacity: 31.3L

- Cleaning rate: 1820m2/h

- Cable:18m 

- Weight: 75kg

- Size: 1060 × 650 × 1020 mm

- Base plate diameter: 550mm

- Sản xuất theo công nghệ Đức.

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