Pulsar 33K 实时声级计套装 (等级1, 22dB(A) - 137dB(A), 1:1 and 1:3 Octave Band , 数据记录, 带校准套装)

Measurement Range: 22dB(A) to 137dB(A),  23dB(C) to 137dB(C),  27dB(Z) to 137dB(Z),  Peak to 140dB(C) or  168dB(C) as indication
Noise Floor: 17dB(A),  17dB(C),  22dB(Z)
Frequency Weightings: dB(A),  dB(C) and dB(Z) to IEC 60651 Type 1
Time Weightings: F,  S & I to Class 1 Tolerances
Measurements: LXY, LXT, LXt, LXE, LXpeak, LXIT,  LXIt, LXIT – LXT,  LXIt – LXt,  LXT –LAT,  LCt - LAt...
Real Time 1:1 and 1:3 Octave Band Filters
Memory: 64Mb
Display: Backlit Graphical LCD
Dimensions: 341mm x 82mm x 19mm
Weight: 550g
Batteries: 2 x 1.5V size AA
Includes: Analyser’ and ‘Acoustic Toolbox’ download, analysis and reporting software, Mini USB Download cable, RS232 Download cable, Operating manual, Certificate of calibration, Batteries,  Acoustic Calibrator
WS91 Windshield, K2 Hard Attaché Case



Model 105 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator
Model 106 Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator
K5    Hard Attache Case for Sound Level Meter Kit
WS91    Windshield for Real Time Analyser Sound Level Meters
CP2    Carry Pouch for Model 33 Instruments only
TR1    Tripod for Model 33 series
CRN-05    5m Microphone Extension Cable for Model 33 range
CRN-010    10m Microphone Extension Cable for Model 33 range
USBA    Spare USB adaptor
TM1    Preamplifier Tripod Mount
EFM33    Extended Frequency Module for Model 33
AM240/AM241    Mains Power Supply
TR3    Heavy Duty Tripod

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