SEW 890 PR 非接触式检相计

  • 制造商: SEW
    Model: 890 PR
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Model: 890 PR
Manufacturer: SEW 
Origin: Taiwan
Warranty: 12 months
  Input voltage  75~1000Vac
  Frequency range  45-65Hz
    Cable length  Approx. 800mm 
  Dimensions  118(L) × 69(W) × 38(D)mm
  (battery included)  Approx. 370g 
  Power source  1.5V (AA) × 4 Alkaline batteries
  Safety standard  EN 61010-1 CAT III  1000V /  CAT IV  600V
  EN 61326-1
  EN 61557-1  EN 61557-7
Accessories : Instruction manual,Soft pouch Battery
Chi tiết


● The 890 PR is a Non-Contact phase detector 
   with flashing LEDs and a beeping buzzer to 
   show the detection of AC 3-phase sequence.
● Two functions in one unit : open phase and  
   phase sequence detection.
● Convenient brightness switch to make the 
   indication visible in dim areas or sunlight.
● Back cover magnets which attach the instrument
   to the AC distribution panel offer easy
● 3-Phase AC 75 to 1000V is fitted for detection.
● Detect frequency range is from 45 to 65Hz.
  Measurement principle   Static induction
  Input voltage   75~1000Vac
  Frequency range   45-65Hz
  Auto-off   5 min. after power on
  without detection
  Low battery warning   Power LED flashes at 
  4.6±0.1V or less
  Operating temperature
  & humidity
 0°C ~ 40°C Max. 80% R.H.
  Storage temperature
  & humidity
  -10°C ~ 50°C Max. 80% R.H.
  Cable length   Approx. 800mm 
  Dimensions   118(L) × 69(W) × 38(D)mm
  (battery included)
  Approx. 370g 
  Power source   1.5V (AA) × 4 Alkaline batteries
  Safety standard   EN 61010-1 CAT III  1000V /  CAT IV  600V
  EN 61326-1
  EN 61557-1  EN 61557-7

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