SEW HS-500 带电操作杆(长0.5米)

  • 制造商: SEW
    Model: HS-500
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  • USD 58.30

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Model: HS-500
Manufacturer: SEW 
Origin: Taiwan
Warranty: 12 months
● Used for the extraction of fuses, isolators & fuse switch disconnections.
● Can be attached to the 275 HP Proximity Detectors and contact Capacitive
 Detectors 21× HVD.
● Universal "sunrise" head attachment to fit special tool fittings.
● Head Section rated at 100kV per 300mm (5 min).
● Comes complete with sunrise fitting and fuse extractor.
● Sticks 1 × 500mm head section complete with universal sunrise fitting.
● Meets IEC 60855.
HOK-HS166 Disconnect hook (Optional)
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● Single foamed hot stick.
● Universal sunrise fitting on the head to fit 
   special tool fittings.
● Rated at 100 kV per 300mm (5 minutes).
● Can be connected to 275 HP HV proximity detector, 21X HVD capacitive HV detector  
   and 277 HP Non-contact HV detector.
● Meets IEC 60855.
● Reasonable price.
● Accessories


         ADP-HS120                                  HOK-HS166
    Fuse extractor head                    Disconnect hook (Optional)


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