SEW ST-860 相序指示仪(接触式)

  • 制造商: SEW
    Model: ST-860
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Model: ST-860
Manufacturer: SEW 
Origin: Taiwan
Warranty: 12 months 
Input voltage  100-500V AC
  Frequency range  45-70 Hz
  Circuit structure  All electronic (not mechanical)
  Power requirement  9V (6F22) × 1
  Power consumption  Consumption current approx. 14mA of motor rotation field tester
  AC power consumption  Approx. 7mA 
  Dimensions  153(L) × 72(W) × 35(D)mm
  (battery included)  Approx. 200g
  Safety standard  EN 61010-1 CAT III 500V
  EN 61326-1
Accessories Instruction manual,Test leads Soft pouch,Battery
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● Three functions in one unit: open phase, phase 
    sequence and motor rotation indication.    
● Large size alligator clips for easy clipping onto switch-
   boards terminals.        
● Highly reliable.     
● Identifies 3 phase sequence and open phase check.
● Ideal for installing conveyor lines, pump systems and 
    interconnected drivers.
  Input voltage   100-500V AC
  Frequency range   45-70 Hz
  Circuit structure   All electronic (not mechanical)
  Power requirement   9V (6F22) × 1
  Power consumption   Consumption current approx. 14mA of motor 
  rotation field tester
  AC power 
  Approx. 7mA 
  Dimensions   153(L) × 72(W) × 35(D)mm
  (battery included) 
  Approx. 200g
  Safety standard   EN 61010-1 CAT III 500V
  EN 61326-1

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