TOB TOB-768-3N 电池尺寸和样子分类器 (768 channels, 1.8V)

Channels per unit: There are 96 groups, 8 channels in each group and 768 channels in the whole machine.

Constant current range: 0.015~3A, Resolution 1mA

Sampling interval: ≤8 seconds

Current setting accuracy: ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)

Accuracy of current measurement: ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)

Voltage measurement range: 0~2V, resolution 1mV

Accuracy of voltage measurement: ±(0.2%RD+0.1%FS)

Voltage range of tested battery: 0~1.8V

Time range: 0-999 minutes/step, accuracy: ±0.1%

Dimension: L1720 x W500 x H1840mm

Communication mode: RS485, baud rate 57600

Supporting battery type: Single Ni-MH battery or Cd-Ni battery

Clamp type: Two-wire clamp

Supporting battery height: 10-80mm, adjustable

Distance between clamps: 30mm

Working power supply: Three-phase four-wire system, AC380V±5%, 50HZ, 7KW

Full load working current: Phase line maximum 7.5A, zero line maximum 15A

Start-up current of equipment: The instantaneous closing time of air switch is about 60A

Weight: About 300kg



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