TOB TOB-SAW-LB17C 半自动电池络筒机

Winding accuracy: ≤0.5mm  

Control parameters setting: Touch screen operation interface, working parameters can be set  

Electrode feeding method: Enter the negative electrode first and then enter the positive electrode, or the opposite process, According to the process requirements

Outer covering ending method: Separator outer covering or electrode outer covering, According to the process requirements

Winding needle

Φ3.5-φ5mm(Circular type)

38-60(Square type)

Production takt: Take a 750mm length electrode as a standard, takt time is related to the length of the electrode, the worker's operating proficiency and the quality of the electrode.

5-7ppm (Circular type)

3-5PPM (Square type) 

Pass rate: ≥98%  

Utilization rate: ≥95%



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