Tonghui TH6713 DC Power Supply (0-30V; 0-100A)

Rated Output:

 - Power: 1080W

 - Voltage: 0-30V 

 - Current: 0-100A

Load Regulation:

 - Voltage: ≤20mV

 - Current: ≤113mA

Line Regulation:

 - Voltage: ≤18mV

 - Current: ≤113mA

Set Value Resolution:

 - Voltage: 10mV

 - Current: 100mA

Read Back Value Resolution:

 - Voltage: 10mV

 - Current: 100mA

Set Value Accuracy (25℃±5℃):

 - Voltage: ≤0.1%+10mV

 - Current: ≤0.1%+100mA

Read Back Accuracy (25℃±5℃):

 - Voltage: ≤0.1%+20mV

 - Current: ≤0.1%+100mA

Ripple and Noise (20Hz-2MHz):

 - Differential Mode Voltage: ≤100mVp-p and 14mVrms

 - Differential Mode Current: ≤216mArms

Rise Time: 10%-90%: ≤50ms

Drop Time (Full Load): 90%-10%: ≤50ms

Drop Time (No Load): 90%-10% ≤500ms

Over Voltage Protection (OVP): 3-33V 

Over Current Protection (OCP): 5-113.4A

Over Temperature Protection (OTP): Depends on internal temperature

Power Supply: 88-265VAC, 50/60HZ

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