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Tunkia TK4720 交流可调电阻负载 (9 kW, single phase)

Rated Power (@A C 220V): Single-phase 9 kW

Working Range: Voltage 0~264 V and current 0~39.5 A

Connection Mode: Single phase

Mini. Current Step: 0.5 A

Mini. Power Step: 0k W.11

Range Of Resistance Regulation: 6.33 Ω-500 Ω

Heat Radiation: Air blast cooling

Protection: Overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, abnormal wind speed protection;

Equipped with an alarm indicator light and an emergency stop switch

- General Technical Specifications: 

Power Supply Mode: Charging head taking power; AC (220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 2) Hz

Temperature Performance:

Operating temperature: -25°C~55°C;

Storage temperature: -30°C~70°C

Humidity Performance:

Working Humidity: <80% @ 30°C, <70% @ 40°C, and <40% @ 50°C

Storage humidity: <80% R•H, no Condensation

Altitude: < 3000 m

Communication Interface: RS 232

Weight (Kg): About 20

Unit size (mm , W *D*H ): 400mm* 405mm* 345mm (No-including rollers and handles)



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