UNI-T UTS3021B 光谱分析仪 (2.1GHz, 1Hz~3 MHz,-161dBm/Hz)

Frequency range:9 kHz-2.1 GHz

Frequency resolution: 1Hz

Sweep width range: 0Hz, 100Hz~2.1GHz

Sweep accuracy: ± Sweep width /(Scanning points -1)

Cursor frequency uncertainty: ± [Cursor frequency reading × reference frequency accuracy + 1% × sweep width + 10% × resolution bandwidth + cursor frequency resolution]

Cursor type: General, difference, difference pair, relative

Cursor function: Noise, N dB bandwidth

RBW (-3 dB): 1 Hz~3 MHz, 1-3-10 stepping

Shape factor of resolution filter:<4.8:1(60dB:3dB), Gaussian like type

Video bandwidth (-3 dB): 1 Hz ~3 MHz, 1-3-10 stepping

Bandwidth uncertainty: < 5%

Amplitude measurement range (preamplifier off): DANL ~ +10 dBm, 100 kHz~1 MHz,

                                                DANL ~ +20 dBm, 1 MHz~2.1 GHz

Reference level: -100 dBm ~ +30 dBm, Step 1 dB

Maximum input DC voltage: +/- 50 V DC

Maximum continuous wave RF power: 33 dBm, 3 minute, Input attenuation >20 dB

Display logarithmic level coordinates: 10 dB~100 dB

Display linear level coordinates: 0 ~Reference level

Level coordinate unit: dBm, dBmV, dBuV, V, W

Scanning points: 40001

Number of traces: 6

Detection mode: Positive peak, negative peak, sample, Normal, average (voltage / RMS / video), quasi peak

Trace function: Clear write, max hold, min hold, view, close, average

Frequency response: Preamplifier off: ±0.8 dB; ±0.4 dB, typ

                    Preamplifier on: ±0.9 dB; ±0.5 dB, typ

RBW switching error: ± 0.2 dB logarithmic resolution and ± 0.01 linear resolution relative to RBW at 10 kHz, nominal value

Input attenuation error: ±0.5 dB(20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz, Preamplifier off, Attenuation relative to 20 dB, Input attenuation 1~51 dB )

Absolute amplitude accuracy: Preamplifier off: ±0.4 dB, Input signal level -20dBm (20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz, RBW=1 kHz, VBW=1 kHz, peak detector, attenuation input 20 dB)

                             Preamplifier on: ±0.5 dB, Input signal level -40dBm (20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz, RBW=1 kHz, VBW=1 kHz, peak detector, attenuation input 20 dB)

Full amplitude accuracy: ±0.7 dB(20℃ ~30℃, Fc>100 kHz, Input signal level -50 dBm~0 dBm, RBW=1 kHz, VBW=1 kHz, Peak detection, Input attenuation 20dB, Preamplifier off, 95% Confidence)

Voltage input standing wave ratio: Input attenuation 10 dB

                                                      1 MHz~2.1 GHz <1.5, Nominal value

Scanning time: 1 ms ~ 4000 s

Scanning mode: Sweep frequency, FFT

Scan rule: Continuous, single

Trigger source: Free, video, external

External trigger settings: level(5V TTL), Rising edge / falling edge

Tracking source:

- Frequency range:  100 kHz~2.1 GHz

- RBW: 30 Hz~1 MHz, Only scan mode is supported

- Output level range: -20 dBm~0 dBm

- Output level resolution: 1 dB

- Flatness output: +/-3 dB

- Maximum reverse input level: Average power: 30 dBm, DC : ±50 V DC

Interface: Trace source output,10MHz reference input, 10MHz reference output,Ext Trigger,HDMI,USB host, USB device,LAN, 3.5mm

Power: 100~240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

Display: 10.1 inch TFT LCD (1280x800) touch

Product size (W×H×D): 368 mm×218 mm×120 mm

Product net weight: 4.5kg


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