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Bettersize BeVision W1 湿分散图像粒度和形状分析 (4-400 µm)

Size Range: 4-400 µm

Repeatability error: ≤1% (CRM D50)

Accuracy error: ≤1% (CRM D50)

Magnifying times: 150-1000 times

Voltage: AC 220V ,50/60Hz

Volume, weight: 610x300x450mm,22KG

Imported high speed CCD: 120 frm/s

Special technologies: Sheath flow technology; Multithreading and edge recognition technology

Particle recognition speed: ≥10000 particles /min

Analytical items: 

(1) particle size distribution; typical data;maximum particle size;specific interval content;the particle size content more than or less than certain particle size.

(2) particle shape: aspect ratio and aspect ratio distribution; circularity and circularity distribution; particle image.

(3) particle count:To measure the number of particles in a certain volume of liquid.

Export items: including the original parameter (including the sample information, testing information,etc), analytical data (including the particle size distribution, aspect ratio, circularity and typical data,etc.), distribution graph ( interval distribution histogram and cumulative distribution curve,etc.)


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