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Bettersize PowderPro M1 粉末特性测试仪 (0-90°)

Testing items: Total 15 items: angle of repose, angle of fall, angle of difference, angle of spatula, angle of slide, voidage, uniformity, cohesiveness, bulk density, tapped density, compressibility, dispersibility, flowability index, floodability index, Hall flow rate.

Angle range: 0-90°

Angle testing method: Protractor. Testing the repose angle, collapse angle and plate angle by the protractor.

Repeatability error: ≤5%

Tap density frequency: 250 times/min 

Tap density amplitude: 3mm or 14mm


China standard :GB/T16913-2008 4.5;GB/T1479.1-2011;       GB/T5162-2006

United States Standard : ASTM D6393-14

United States Pharmacopeia : USP32-NF27<616>

European Pharmacopoeia :EP7.0 07/2010:20934

Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 200W

Volume  &   weight: 580x350x650mm, 37kg


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