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Chotest PO60 机床探针 (φ63 mm* L76mm)

Size(Probe): φ63 mm* L76mm

Transmission Type: 360° IR

Transmission Distance: 6m

Rotational Speed: Max 1000rev/min

Triggering Direction: ±X/±Y/-Z

Repeatability of One-way triggering 2δ(*1): 2μm

Max overrun: XY:12.5mm  +Z:6mm



Technical parameters of the receiver:
1) Transmission type: IR, 360°;
2) Working range: Max 8m
3) Weight: 926g
4) Input voltage: 12V~30V
5) Input current: <100mA, receiving <40mA;
6) Cable to machine controller: dedicated 13PIN shielded cable, 8 meters or 15 meters;
7) Storage temperature: (-25~70)℃,working temperature: (5~55)℃;


Machine tool probe PO series applies 3-point trigger design which is the most stable structure. There is a trigger unit inside the probe. When the stylus is moved radially or axially by external force, the trigger unit is triggered. Then the circuit inside of probe sends a triggering signal to the receiver, and the receiver transmits it to the machine tool, consequently the present coordinates of each axis of the machine tool are recorded automatically. Finally measurement results are calculated according to the coordinate records of related points.


◆ Coordinate setting: set datum point of workpiece, correct coordinate system of workpiece. 
◆ Align workpiece: Inspect whether the workpiece is placed accurately, and whether the workpiece is deformed by force of clamping fixture.
◆ Dimension measurement: stage height, length, diameter
◆ Position measurement: holes distance, perpendicularity, angle, etc.
◆ Curved-surface measurement: blade shape, mold surface, complex shape
◆ After-processing inspection: Find the over-tolerance, correct tool compensation
◆ Check whether the workpiece is placed
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