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Daruifuno MCA100 五参数水质分析仪

Software Version: Deruifuno Parametric Analysis Software V1.0

Dissolved oxygen sensor

Principle: Fluorescence method

Measurement Range: 0-20mg/L or 0-200% saturation; 0.0~50.0 °C(temperature)

Precision: ±0.1mg/L or 1%; 0.1°C

Resolution: 0.01mg/L; 0.1°C

Digital conductivity sensors

Principle: Electrode method, 2 or 4 electrodes

Measurement Range: 0~10mS/cm, full range automatic switching; 0.0~50.0 °C

Precision: 1% of sensor range

Resolution: 0.01uS/cm; 0.1°C

Digital PH sensor

Principle: Glass electrode method

Measurement Range: 0.00~14.00 pH; 0.0~50.0 °C

Precision: 0.01 pH; 0.1℃

Resolution: 0.1% of the measurement range (or PH: ±0.02pH) take the larger one; 0.1℃

Turbidity sensor

Principle: Infrared 850nm 90 degree scattering

Measurement Range: 0~1000NTU; 0~4000NTU

Precision: Less than ±1% of the measured value, or ±0.1 NTU take the bigger one.

Resolution: 0.01 NTU


Installation Method: Wall Hanging

Screen: 7-inch color LCD, capacitive touch screen

Language: Chinese

Communication Interface: RS485

Communication Protocol: MODBUS RTU

Time Display: Year/month/day/hour/minute/second

Historical Data: 50000 points

Maintenance records: Have

Configuration List: Have

Operation Feedback: Buzzer

Ambient temperature compensation: Have

Ambient temperature warning: Have

Working Environment: -10~60℃

Storage Environment: -20~70℃

Protection Grade: IP65

Dimensions: 284.2 * 240 *95mm

Power Supply: 100~240VAC,50/60Hz

Power consumption: <25W

Net Weight: 3kg



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