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HINOTEK SGW-3 自动偏振仪 (89,99°; ±259°Z)

Measure MODE:specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration.

Light Source: LED+interference filter

Operation Wavelength: 589.3nm

Measure Range: ±89º(±257ºZ)

Minimum Indicating Value: 0.001º(0.01ºZ)


a) ±0.01º(-15º<Optical Rotation<+15º)

b) ±0.02º(Optical Rotation>+15º or <-15º)

Repeataility: 0.002º (Optical Rotation)

Temperature Control Range: 15~30ºC

Accuracy: ±0.5ºC

Display: Touch Screen (9cm*12cm, 320*240 Resolution)

Test Tube: 200mm, 100mm

The lowest penetration rate for the measurable samples: 1%

Connector: USB

Data store and Readout by flash disk: 160 groups

Optioanl Accessories: Micro Test Tube (50mm) (Optional)



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