HINOTEK SP2100UV 可见分光光度计 (190-1000nm)

Optical system(nm): Littrow type optic system with 1200 grooves/mm diffraction grating monochromator.

Measurement Path length: 100mm

Spectral slitwidth(nm): 4nm

Wavelength range(nm): 190-1000

Wavelength accuracy(nm): ±1nm (System Auto Calibration)

Wavelength Repeatability: 0.5nm

Stray light: < 0.3%T (at 220nm and 340nm)

Photometric mode: T, A, and C measurement

Photometric Range: 0-125.0%T, -0.097-3.000A

Photometric accuracy: ±0.5%T

Photometric Repeatability: 0.3%T

Stability: <0.002A/hour after 1 Hour warm up

Main Specification:

Display:  2*20 characters LCD with blacklight function

Light Source: 6V10W Halogen Lamp(2000 hours); Deuterium lamp(1000 hours)

Sample Compartment: 100mm Optical Path

Standard Cell Holder: 10mm

Standard Cell Configuration: 10mm Glass cell(4pcs)

Power Requirement: 110/220VAC; 50/60Hz,±10%



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