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HINOTEK XJP-412J 冶金显微镜

Optical system: infinite optical system

Viewing Head: Compensation Free trinocular Head inclined at 45° interpupillary distance adjustable 48mm-75mm

Eyepiece: Wide field Plan WF10X/22mm; WF10×/20mm,crosshair with reticule 0.1mm

Objective: infinity plan working distance B&D objective 5×/0.15(W.D.14.47mm; 10×/0.25(W.D.16.01mm; 20×/0.40(W.D.10.5mm; 50×/0.55(W.D.5.1mm)

Nosepiece: Quintuple Nosepiece with DIC Jack

Stage: Double layer mechanical stage; Stage Size: 255mm×170mm; Moving Range:70mm×50mm; Low located XY adjusting hand wheel

Focusing: Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment,fine focusing scale value 0.001mm

Light source: Kohler illumination with aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm; Halogen Bulb 12V/100W,AC85V-230V; Brightness adjustable

Polarizing Device: Analyzer rotatable 360°, Polarizer & can be seeing out of the light path

Filter: Green,  Blue, Neutral

Checking Tool: 0.01mm Micrometer

Optional Accessory: 

- Eyepiece:WF15X/17mm, WF20X/12.5mm

- objective:infinite Plan Long working distance B&D objectives  80X/0.70(W.D.3.1mm, 100X/0.80(W.D.3.01mm)

- DIC Device

- Photography attachment and CCD C-mount 0.5X, 0.57X, 0.75X; 1.3Mega, 2.0Mega、3.0Mega, 5.0Mega, 10.0Mega pixels

- CMOS Digital camera eyepiece

- CCD Camera,colour 1/3 High resolution 700 TV lines

- Two-dimensional measurement software

- Metallurgical image analysis software

- Micrometer eyepiece

- Various Industrial Camera



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