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Huazheng HZTRF500-0.0005 电容式高压分压器

1. The operating conditions of the system

- Altitude: ≤ 2000 meters

- Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ +45 ° C

- Relative humidity: <90% (-10-40 °C)

- Maximum daily temperature difference: 30 ° C

- Atmospheric pressure: 0.1MPa

- Atmospheric humidity: 11g/m3

- Earthquake intensity: ≤8 class

- Use environment: indoor

2. Capacitor divider (also as a coupling capacitor)

- Rated frequency: 50hz-200hz

- Cooling mode: onan

- Stage: 2

- Single capacitance: 1000pf, single resistance: 500M

- Rated capacitance: 500pf rated electrical resistance: 1000M

- Rated AC voltage: 500kV rated DC voltage: 500kV

- Nominal AC partial voltage ratio: 2000 / 1 nominal DC partial voltage ratio: 10000 / 1

- Running time: long time

- The Dielectric loss: < 0.2% AC / DC voltage divider picture

- Temperature coefficient: < 0.0004

- Overvoltage capacity: the overvoltage shall not cause any insulation damage of the test transformer under the condition of 110% uh for 60s;

- Measurement accuracy AC: <± 1% measurement accuracy DC: <± 0.5%

- Running time: long

- Top pressure equalizing cover structure: the pressure equalizing cover is made of high-quality LY2 pure aluminum plate, and the welding process adopts sub arc welding machine to ensure that aluminum oxidation does not occur when placed in the air for a long time. Its radius of curvature contains 550kV power frequency voltage, and corona does not occur on the pressure equalizing cover. In particular, the parts arranged above require hot-dip galvanizing after metal processing to prevent iron oxidation in the air, Over a long period of time, the above components will be oxidized, resulting in corona discharge.

- Volume: φ250/φ850×2600㎜

- Weight: < 250kg


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