LABTT LC-350YAT 金相线切割机

Cutting disc: 350 * 2.5 * 32mm

Spindle speed: 2800r/min

Feed speed: 0.01 -3 mm/s is adjustable

Cutting stroke (Y axis): 220mm

Maximum cut sample: φ 100 mm round rods

Maximum clamping  distance: 128mm

Working table size: 333mm*240mm

Cutting clamp: Fast push-pull type , the height of the clamp mouth is 60mm

Control: LCD touch screen, button

Lighting: LED lighting

Cooling device: Four channels of cooling water, a cooling water gun

Circulating water tank: External circulating filter water tank 40L

Motor: Power: 4 kw

Emergency brake: Abrupt stop switch

Power supply:: AC380V 50HZ

Overall dimensions: 960*890*725mm, foot center distance 830*710mm

Weight: 200KG

Standard Accessory:

Automatic metallographic cutting machine LC-350YAT: 1

Coling water tank: 1

Cutting disc (350*2.5*32mm): 2

Wrench 22-24: 1

Handle 14 to 17: 1

Allen M6: 1

Outlet pipe Φ 60:       1

Hose hoops:       1

Cutting lubricant: 1 barrel (4L)

Spindle limit bar: 1

Allen M4: 1

Technical documents: 1 copy of product manual, 1 copy of product certificate: 

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