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Samyon HBMT-3000 Gate Type On-line Auto. Brinell Hardness Tester (96-650HBW)

Feature & Use:

* Precise positioning device for workpiece which can realize the accurate positioning of test point.

* The workpiece can be clamped automaticall, this can help eliminate the influence to hardness testing caused by the shake on the working spot.

* Full automatic test force closed loop control system, test force is stable and reliable.

* CCD automatic indentation capturing and automatic measuring, no need for human operation.

* The upper and lower limits of hardness are preset in software. It can differentiate whether the test point is eligible or not. It also has the function of alarm in sound and light.

*  The testing conditions can be preset(including testing material type, workpiece name, date, operator name, etc.) .

* Test data can be saved in database for query at anytime.

* There are many sensors built in whole on-line testing process which can finish the movement of workpiece and hardness testing automatically, no need for human operation.

This equipment is mainly used to determine the Brinell hardness of large workpieces (such as large wheel) in batches.



Test force: 29420N( 3000kgf) [optional 7355N(750kg) or 9807N(1000kgf)]

Max. height of test piece: 240mm(adjustable according to actual condition)

Measuring range: 96-650HBW

Test force loading and unloading type: Hydraulic loading and unloading automatic

Hardness indicating type: Four digits shown on PC

Record type: Communication protocol and database

Movable range of indenter in left-right direction: 50mm (extendable)

Online single point testing cycle: 60 seconds

Language: Chinese/English

Power supply: 380V AC, three phases/220V AC, single phase, 50Hz

Dimensions (for reference only): Main machine --- 1980 x 2630 x 2252mm

                           Weak current cabinet --- 1085 x 960 x 1135mm

                           Heavy current cabinet --- 700 x 350 x 1700mm

                           Hydraulic station --- 1200 x 1000 x 1560mm

Weight: Approx. 10000kg


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