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SCHNEIDER BLRCH258A310B48 电容器 (25.8/31 kvar - 480 V - 50/60Hz)

Range of product: PowerLogic

Product or component type: Heavy duty capacitor

Network frequency50/60 Hz

Series nameHDuty

Network harmonic content<= 20 %

Electrical parameters25.8 kvar 480 V 50 Hz

                                    31 kvar 480 V 60 Hz

Maximum permissible voltage1.1 x Un (8 hours over 24 hours)

continuous overcurrent capacity1.8 x In

Rated voltage480 V AC 50/60 Hz

Dielectric losses< 0.2 W/kvar

Power losses< 0.5 W/kVAr

Capacitance tolerance- 5 % to 10 %

Voltage test2.15 x Un AC between terminals for 10 s

                    <= 660 V - 3 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s

                    >= 660 V - 6 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s

Inrush current250 x In

Maximum switching operation per year7000

service life in hours130000 h

Dielectric materialMetallized polypropylene film with Zn/Al alloy, special resistivity & profile, special edge (wave cut)

Impregnation materialNon-PCB dry PUR resin Biodegradable

Type of installationIndoor installation

Connections - terminalsClampTite terminal

Mounting modeUpright/horizontal

Diameter116 mm

Height242 mm

Net weight2.5 kg


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