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Suneast SEO-100N 半导体烘箱

- Heating system

Box dimension:        L700*W550*H(600*2)mm

Number of boxes and working mode:        Two boxes, each box can run independently

Hot air system:        Hot air circulation system with adjustable wind speed and volume

Cooling system:        Water cooling circulation system, according to customer workshop cooling water

Nitrogen system:        With flow meter and oxygen analyzer to display oxygen content in real-time

Internal specification:        Equipped with 4 stainless steel support shelves, with adjustable spacing between shelves

- Cooling system

Temperature operating range:        Room temperature+10℃~250℃

Temperature control mode:        PID closed-loop control+SSR drive

Control system:        PC+PLC electrical control system, Windows operating interface

Temperature accuracy:        ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity:        ±2%℃ (no- load)

Heating rate:        ≥5℃/min

Cooling rate:        2-5℃/min

Heating power:        10KW*2

Oxygen content control:        ≤500PPM (Option:≤100PPM)

Working voltage:        AC3Ø  5W  380V50/60HZ

Total power:        21KW

MES communication protocol:        Standard

Cleanliness class:        Class 1000

- Conveyor system

Dimension(LxWxH):        L1700*W1200*H1800mm

Weight:        500-800kg

Color:        Bright wrinkled white

*Remark: Support to customize the nitrogen or vacuum oven



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