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Wayne Kerr 6550B 阻抗分析仪 (20Hz ~ 50 MHz)

Measurement Function: 

   Capacitance (C) 

   Inductance (L)

   Resistance (R)

   Reactance (X)

   Conductance (G)

   Susceptance (B)

   Dissipation Factor (D)

   Quality Factor (Q)

   Impedance (Z)

   Admittance (Y)

   Phase Angle (Ø)

Frequency Range:

   20Hz to 50 MHz

   Frequency step size: 0.1 mHz

   Accuracy of set frequency: ±0.005"%

AC Drive Level:

   10 mV to 1V rms (varies with frequency)

   200 µA to 20 mA rms (varies with frequency)

Measurement Speeds: 

   4 speeds selectable 

   Up to 20 measurements per second for test frequencies ≧100 Hz


   Dissipation factor - ±0.0005 (1+D2)

   Quality factor - ±0.05 %( Q+1/Q)

   Capacitance/ Inductance/ Impedance - ±0.05%

   Accuracy varies with frequency, drive level and measured impedance

DC Bias Current (Option): 

   /D1 0 to +100mA dc bias current and 0 to +40V dc bias voltage 

   /D2 -40V to +40V dc bias voltage

Binning (Option): 

   10 bins with absolute and percentage limits 

   25 way d-type interface connector

   /B1 (Non-isolated) Comon 0V Bin outputs 0 to 5V(normal) with >10mA current sink capability

   /B2 (isolated) Comon 24V input outputs 0 to 24V with >10mA current source capability

Input Specification:

   Power supply - Input voltage 90 V AC to 264 V AC (Autoranging)

   Mains frequency 47 to 63 Hz

Display: 8.4" VGA (640 x 480) color TFT with touch panel

Measurement Connections: 

   Four front panel BNC connectors permit two, three or four terminal connections with the screens at ground potential.

   1J1011 Component Fixture (supplied as standard) allows connection to leaded components and devices.


   HP-PCL compatible graphics printing (local and network) 

   Centronics / parallel printer port, Epson compatible text/ticket printing (local)

Remote Trigger: Rear panel BNC with internal pull-up, operates on logic low or contact closure

GPIB Interface: External instrument control 24 pin IEEE 488 connector

USB Interface: 

   Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces

   USB 1.1 compliant

VGA Interface: 15-way D-type connector to drive an external monitor in addition to the internal screen

Network Interface: 10/100-BASETX Ethernet controller. RJ45 connector

Keyboard Interface: Standard USB or PS/2 keyboard port. Instrument front panel remains active with keyboard plugged in

Mouse Interface: Standard USB or PS/2 mouse port. Touch screen remains enabled when the mouse is connected



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