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Wayne Kerr 6550P High Frequency LCR Meter (20Hz ~ 50MHz)

Measurement Function: 

   Capacitance (C) 

   Inductance (L)

   Resistance (R)

   Reactance (X)

   Conductance (G)

   Susceptance (B)

   Dissipation Factor (D)

   Quality Factor (Q)

   Impedance (Z)

   Admittance (Y)

   Phase Angle (Ø)

Frequency Range:

  20Hz to 50MHz

   Frequency step size: <1 mHz

   Accuracy of set frequency: ±0.005"%

AC Drive Level:

   10 mV to 1V rms (varies with frequency)

   200 µA to 20 mA rms (varies with frequency)

Measurement Speeds: 

   4 speeds selectable 

   Up to 20 measurements per second for test frequencies ≧100 Hz


   Dissipation factor - ±0.0005 (1+D^2)

   Quality factor - ±0.05 %( Q+1/Q)

   Capacitance/ Inductance/ Impedance - ±0.05%

   Accuracy varies with frequency, drive level and measured impedance

DC Bias Current (Option): 

   /D1 0 to +100mA dc bias current and 0 to +40V dc bias voltage 

   /D2 -40V to +40V dc bias voltage

Power supply. Input voltage 90 V AC to 264 V AC (Autoranging). Mains frequency 47 to 63 Hz

Display: 8.4" VGA (650 x 480) color TFT with touch panel


   HP-PCL compatible graphics printing (local and network) 

   Centronics / parallel printer port, Epson compatible text/ticket printing (local)

Remote Trigger: Rear panel BNC with internal pull-up, operates on logic low or contact closure

GPIB Interface: External instrument control 24 pin IEEE 488 connector

USB Interface: 

   Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces

   USB 1.1 compliant

VGA Interface: 15-way D-type connector to drive an external monitor in addition to the internal screen

Network Interface: 10/100-BASETX Ethernet controller. RJ45 connector

Keyboard Interface: Standard USB or PS/2 keyboard port. Instrument front panel remains active with keyboard plugged in

Mouse Interface: Standard USB or PS/2 mouse port. Touch screen remains enabled when the mouse is connected



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